Synergy Equine Tiny-Tot Program

Tiny Tot A

Offer your young child the opportunity to be engrossed into the wonderful world of horses!  Horses are a great opportunity for children to disconnect from technology; while learning to discover themselves, gain responsibility and increase self-confidence with a feeling of pride.  Your tiny-tot will learn how to care for an animal with encouraging supervision and dependable, kind school horses!  Ages 3-6  $150

Tiny Tot B

We are excited to say that we have spring dates for our Tiny Tot classes along with two options! There will be an A class and a B class. If your child hasn’t completed a Tiny Tot class before they will participate in the A class if they have participated Tiny Tots once or twice they will participate in the B class. Students will now be able to graduate from Tiny Tots into our new foal class! $150

Foal Class

Our Foal class is for children who know how to safely catch, groom and tack up their horse with minimal help or instruction. In the Foal program they will continue to develop confidence while improving on their posture plus develop good balance and strength. Students will furthermore discover how to ride at the trot, learning to post and safely steer the horse around obstacles while maintaining the trot. Riders, will become confident in the safety of riding with others in the arena. When students master these skills and more they will be ready to move into our lesson program. Ages 7-11 $200


For more information e-mail Leanne Albers at 

Registration Fee:  Tiny Tot A & B $150 Foal Class $200

Class Schedule Start Date Duration Instructor

Lakefield Farm
Tiny Tot A Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Apr 18, 2021 5 weeks Madi Kasun Register
Tiny Tot B Sunday 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Apr 18, 2021 5 weeks Madi Kasun Register
Tiny Tot overflow (Full) Sunday 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Apr 18, 2021 5 weeks Madi Kasun Waitlist