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Kendra's Journey

"Lakefield is a great place to learn and grow

as a rider and a horsewoman."

They have the skills to teach you any discipline and offer important insights into the nature of horses and horsemanship.  I continue to gain valuable skills under their tutelage.

With trails, indoor and outdoor arenas to ride, you won't get bored.  They have clinicians come in offering even more opportunities to learn. 

I bought my own horse after taking lessons at Lakefield for 4 years.  I finally felt confident enough to take that step and Espirita and I have learned so much from the Korineks.  I feel confident that when I am not there she is well taken care of.  I have learned that like any true art,
horsemanship is a journey.  I am glad I'm on that journey with the Korineks and Lakefield Farm. 

- Kendra McMillan