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Brenda's Journey

"Lakefield Farm is much more than just a place to board a horse."

It is the place where a journey began a long time ago for a little girl who wanted to learn to ride horses.  Since then it has progressed into a family pastime, an education in horses and ourselves, and a wonderful adventure.  None of this would have happened without the knowledge and dedication of Lakefield Farm and the Korinek family.

Eleven years ago my daughter wanted to take riding lessons.  She started taking lessons at Lakefield when she was 5 years old, first with Paula and then Leanne.  Over the years she has learned to ride well, had a lot of fun, success and failures at horse shows.  Most importantly she developed the knowledge of horses and horsemanship and confidence in herself both as a rider and individual.  She has been given many opportunities at Lakefield….horses to ride when we didn’t own a horse, helping with lessons, volunteering at summer camp, working with therapeutic riding, feeding at the barn and much more.  Lakefield Farm has been a fantastic place for a girl to grow up. 

We were very excited when the time finally came to purchase a horse 3 years ago.  We could not have done this without Leanne’s help.  She helped us look online; she went with us to look at every horse.  She drove us out to pick him up when we finally found our horse and brought him to his new home.  And yes, it is home.  Everyone was so excited for us.  Never having owned a horse before we sure had a lot to learn.  We were so lucky to have so much knowledge available to us.  Don, Rosanne, and Leanne all bring something different to the table and yet with a common thread.  They are extremely kind and patient teachers.  I have learned something different and valuable from each of them.  They are incredible resources and I could not have begun this journey without them.  I just yesterday took my horse out to the Kettle Moraine area for a fall ride and had the best ride of my life.  Throughout the entire ride I could hear each of their voices telling me what to do and what not to do and it all came together for the best ride ever!

I would never have guessed at what an important part of my life and my children’s life Lakefield Farm would become when we started this ride 11 years ago.  It truly is like a family.  The support, encouragement and kindnesses shown are incredible.  Everyone at the barn is part of the family.  Everyone shares in each other’s successes and failures.  We have a lot of FUN!!   It is not just a place to keep your horse.  It is a home.