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Obstacle Course Training

Session 1: Groundwork
Saturday, Nov. 30th
10:00 - 12:00p

In this clinic, we will not just focus on getting your horse through or over an obstacle but will use the obstacles as a tool to gain more control over the horses feet as well as their mind.  We've all seen horses who are concerned about something but because they are obedient, they will rush through it.  We want to build the horses confidence and get the horse to think about the obstacle, and follow your feel as you guide them.
Fee $45
Session 2: Under Saddle 
Sunday,  Dec. 1  

Today we will start out in the saddle which adds a new dynamic to the obstacle as the horse has to feel your intent through your body and the reins.  You will not be able to rely on the visual cues you may have used on the ground.  This can be more of a challenge.  Learn to guide your horse and help him understand how you want him to maneuver the obstacle in a calm, focused, orchestrated manner.

 Obstacles will be set up on Friday Nov 29th for you to  practice so we can take it to the next level during the clinics.