Clinics & Events

We offer a variety of clinics and courses throughout the year to help you enhance your horsemanship

and gain new experiences. Many of the clinics are led by some of the top trainers in the horse world!

Welcome to theWonderfulWorld of Horses!

A "Getting Started" Class for Adults

Fun and Interactive

Four 2-hour sessions:

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

March 3,10,17,24

Are you someone who always wanted a horse but never had the opportunity?

Did you ride as a child and want to get back into it but not sure where to start?

We will cover the many ways you can become involved in the horse world as well as:

        Riding Styles

        Horse psychology

        Before you buy - Questions to Ask


        Tack and Equipment


        Getting beyond fear

Call (262) 375-4451 for registration information

Download the Registration Form and Flyer:

Dressage and Jumping with Paula Curtis
January 25 - Jumping

February 8 - Group Dresage

February 22 - Jumping

March 8 - Jumping

Paula Curtis, is an experienced trainer and instructor who has competed nationally in Jumping and Dressage events. Paula has studied with some of the finest trainers and clinicians the horse industry has to offer, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her clinics. Her ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas has an enormous impact on the success of their students and their horses.

In this clinic:
Put to practice the fundamentals of dressage and apply them over fences. You will learn the art of riding courses from the initial stages of designing, to pacing, and finally riding them. Classroom sessions are used to help the student understand the importance of proper position over fences. Exercises are done to help each person find the proper balance needed to stay out of their horses way while he jumps. We may free jump each horse and analyze his form over fences, discussing exercises that may help him find better form. Then we ride over fences, depending on the group we may do cross country, jumper courses, hunter courses, gridwork etc...

At some clinics you may design, build, and ride a jumper or hunter course. At these clinics you will learn the art of understanding courses from the initial stages of designing all the way to riding. This clinic can be tailored for everyone, even those of you that are not yet jumping.

  • Understand how your flatwork directly influences your work over fences
  • Design and Build a Grid
  • Design and Build a Jumper Course
  • Understand the Dynamics of Gridwork and Riding Courses
  • Pace out Distances between Jumps
  • Ride a Hunter Course
  • Ride a Jumper Course
  • Walk and ride a cross country course

Fireside Lessons


Held Saturday mornings 9:00 - 11:00

Fee:  $45

January 10, 24 and 31

February 7, 21

March 14,21

When the Wisconsin winter hits, it's often too cold for riding lessons. Join us for our Saturday morning "Indoor Lessons" (fireside at the Korinek house) and stay warm while you improve your horsemanship. We'll use a variety of formats including video review, discussions and sharing to learn and grow over the winter.

Students love this format as it gives everyone the opportunity to view techniques, challenges, and solutions in a supportive atmosphere. Videos are watched, discussed, analyzed, to help you really grasp the concepts so that you can utilize them in your riding and handling of your horse. We go over material that is impossible to cover during regular lessons. The students have the opportunity to see others struggling with the same issues they may be having and how it is resolved. There is so much to be gained from this type of learning. We do it during the coldest months so we are ready to ride when it starts getting more comfortable.