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Brent Graef Clinic

Brent Graef Clinic
July 10 - 12 2015


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The clinic is open to all breeds, disciplines, and levels. Brent has worked with everything from back yard horse lovers, to high level dressage competitors, working ranch cowboys, and other horse professionals.

You can choose from the Foundation class (mornings); Advancing class in the afternoons. The cost is $325 for 1 class (3 half-days), or $580 for both classes (3 full days)!

FOUNDATION CLASS: Approx half groundwork/half riding. A solid foundation is imperative in being able to build the rest of your relationship/horsemanship. Remember, all those fancy things you dream of achieving with your horse, are really just the basics - the foundation - done to a higher degree of perfection. (unstarted horses are welcome in the groundwork portion of the class, to participate in the riding portion of the class, horses need to already be going under saddle, as this is not a 'colt start' class).

ADVANCING CLASS: This class is all riding. Brent will take horses and riders from where they are, and work to advance from there. We'll address soft feel, softness through transitions, control of the hindquarters/forehand, and lateral moves. These things will help your horse become softer, more supple, and better balanced.

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