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Bobbie and Whinny

"Disaster" would be a possible answer.  Throw in the fact that the couple had never owned a horse before and "disaster" would be the probable answer  Fast forward two years and the horse, Whinny, and the couple are still alive and kicking and enjoying the education process.  Whinny, is a sweet, smart and forgiving horse and I have and am still acquiring horsemanship skills thanks to the help of many people.

My story starts when I was diagnosed with a cancer in 2007 that is not easily curable.  In 2008, my husband gifted me with a trip to the Kentucky Bluegrass knowing that I had always been "horse crazy."  It was an active trip offering real insight into the racing industry.  A small breeder invited us to her farm where a 3 week old foal came up and licked me on the face.  I was smitten and with my husband's encouragement, purchased a "leg" (25%) of the filly with the idea that I would follow her progress in racing.  That was May, 2008 and I took several trips to visit her in Kentucky during the year.  By 2009, the economy and the racing industry had taken a big downturn.  Before Whinny was scheduled for sale in the Keeneland yearling auction, I purchased her remaining 3 legs as I was unsure what would happen to her.

Bob and I visited several farms in the S.E. Wisconsin area and we selected Lakefield Farm to board Whinny.  The owners, Don and Rosanne Korinek, drove to Kentucky and trailered Whinny to Wisconsin.  They and their daughter, Leanne, have been our trainers, sources of information and equipment and our first line of equine health care.  The other boarders have shared their expertise and provided their support and the contents of their lockers.

For me, Whinny has been my best  medicine, giving me a focus beyond myself, exercise and an introduction the nice world of horse people.

- Bobbie Abendroth